Toy Making

The focus of our Toy Committee is providing family crisis centers in southeastern Wisconsin with handmade wooden toys for children in the seven facilities our Guild supports. In 2022, through this charitable act, we were able to donate approximately 1000 toys. The Guild has been supporting this endeavor for many years as demonstrated in the following story told to one of our members.

Our Toy Story

Provided by Ron Reuter, a semi-retired plumber

Last week I received a call from an acquaintance asking if I could help his daughter out with some plumbing problems. Of course, I said yes, since he has helped the Guild in the past. I talked to his daughter, set up a time, and went to her house. As we were talking, she asked me, how I met her dad. I told her, he helped with some electrical work for our woodworking guild.

Our discussion moved to the topic of toys we make for women’s shelters and were looking to expand our workplace. Her expression suddenly changed and I thought I may have said something wrong. She then asked, “Do you make wooden trains and baby beds?” I confirmed those were some of the toys we provide and showed her some photos on my phone of toys from this last year. She looked at me and said, “your group made a train set and a baby bed for my son and daughter 17 years ago and they still have them to this day”. She continued to describe how she was in an abusive relationship with her husband, back then and told me, “You have no idea what those toys meant to my kids at a time that was stressful and hard”. She gave me a hug and thanked me on behalf of the Guild. I could feel how much it meant to her and was happy we provided such a meaningful gift to her and her children.

So, bottom line to all the members who participate in making those toys. You are doing an unbelievable thing for people in need, and they DO remember you, years down the road!